Friday, June 24, 2016

First brick out of the Wall

Today I had planned to write the second part of Home Sweet Home - The mortgage, but something more important has happened last night.

Guess what?

Now, you could be in favour or against this decision, but in my opinion there are two important considerations worth to be done:

1. First, British people have given Bruxelles, and us all, an important lesson of what democracy means. 
2. Polls did not predict the outome, and the market did not price in the event.

The first consideration is by far the most important from a historical, political and sociological standpoint: Bruxelles do not love democracy, they fill their mouth with words like "brotherhood (ours), populism (theirs), progress (ours), archaic ideas (theirs) and so on.

Bruxelles give the impression that democracy from them is an obstacle, not the pillar of modern Europe: they would like to have a non-elected elite that lead European peoples like an auto-pilot, remotely programmed, is supposed to drive a plane full of people who need to reach different places, that have different tastes and different languages;despite this, the passengers are oblidged to get on the same plane and being served the same food, with a menu written in a language they do not fully understand.

The second consideration is interesting: polling agencies have made huge mistakes in their  results. From 52% pro remain to 48% pro remain is a huge, incredible error, in demoscopic statistics. Since I cannot believe they have become stupid and incompetent all at once and only in recent years, I start thinking that some polls have been rigged: for example, if your customer "pushes" to stay in the EU, one thing you can do is publish polls that state that there is a large majority voting to leave the EU: this triggers the fear of those people who want to stay in the EU and pushes them to go to the nearest polling station. So, either they are not professional, or they are dishonest. I cannot find any other explanation. Whatever the reason is, for the future, the polling agencies are not reliable.

In any case, should I be interviewed about what my prerences are, I would lie: it is more funny, and it serves democracy better.

I would like to spend some final words about the so called "populists"; well, in Italy the press sheds a very bad light on the euroskepics. TV news and newspapers depict these guys as "ignorant, dishonest, that take advantage of people's ignorance"; therefore they are racists, demagogos etc.

This is simply untrue.

I invite you to watch two interviews. One is with Bernard Connelly, the other with Nigel Farage. Two different characters, two different lives, yet they both love democracy and are, in my opinion, British patriots of the free thought.

After you have had at least a glance to these interviews, do you still share Italian press opinion of the British euroskeptics or populists?

Until next time.

PS: it would be interesting to talk about the recent rise of gold and plunge of sterling, but there are many other blogs covering these topics. 

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